Welcome to Midlife Evolutionaries

A community of women navigating midlife with curiosity, compassion and courage

Welcome to our vibrant community of deep-thinking, deep-feeling midlife women. 

We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive space where members can come together to engage in meaningful discussions, practice self-reflection, and experience the deep relief that comes from knowing you’re not alone in your midlife journey. 

We believe in the power of collective wisdom, support and synergy generated by a circle of women, and strive to empower each other to gain new insights, build meaningful connections, and cultivate a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction in our lives.

Midlife Evolutionaries is a virtual circle, breaking barriers of time and space to bring together curious, compassionate women interested in exploring the evolutionary potential of the changes and challenges of midlife. 

What's inside

First, you'll find community. 

Women, like you, who long to rediscover what lights them up. 

Women who find themselves in "late adulthood" wondering who they are. 

Women who are determined to make the most of their one "wild and precious life" and create purposeful, fulfilling lives. Lives that reflect their values, embrace balance and contentment, and just maybe create a little change along the way.

Through thought-provoking discussions, we delve into a wide range of topics, from personal growth and relationships to spirituality and societal issues. Sharing our experiences, perspectives, and knowledge, we foster a nurturing environment for intellectual exploration, emotional expansion and soul stretching, encouraging members to challenge their assumptions about growing older and expand the vision for their lives.

As a community member you will enjoy:

  • Weekly invitations to simple reflections and action steps deepen your inner awareness  

  • Monthly Sacred Circle calls that offer opportunities for exploration, conversation, contemplation and connection around issues that impact us as midlife women

  • Guest speakers to share their wisdom and expertise in areas important to midlife women

  • A private place to share thoughts, feelings and concerns about being an aging woman at this time in history with a circle of fellow travelers on the midlife journey

  • A place away from the noise and distractions of social media where you can sink into deeper conversations about topics that matter to you

  • Regular invitations to play with creative processes like SouCollage®

  • Support to help you maintain, deepen, or even find new personal practices and self-care

Meet your host, Julie Henderson, MS

Hi! I'm Julie. It's my joy and privilege to guide women on their journey through the disorienting changes and challenges of midlife.

As a Transformational Depth Coach, I bring my superpowers of perceptive insight and genuine understanding to my work with women who are dismayed to find themselves in the prime of their lives feeling adrift and unhappy—and secretly worried that it might be too late to make meaningful change.

With a creative and multifaceted approach that honors head, heart, and the creative spirit, I help women transmute the confusion, pain, and fragmentation of midlife into a renewed sense of clarity, contentment, and vitality, so they can thrive in a life designed on purpose.

I created this community because there are few things I love more than hanging out with interesting, curious women, and I know the immense wisdom that is present when such women gather.

So come on in - I look forward to getting to know you!