Welcome to Midlife Evolutionaries

Women harnessing the transformative potential of midlife and beyond

What we're about

I love the synergy and transformational potential that's present in a circle of women! 

Midlife Evolutionaries is a virtual circle, breaking barriers of time and space to bring together curious, compassionate women interested in exploring the evolutionary potential of the changes and challenges of midlife. 

It's a place for women—typically late 30's and beyond—to gather with intention and cultivate safe, sacred space for sharing our stories and our wisdom, to support each other as we seek to create lives of passion and purpose.

 It's a place to celebrate the transformative power of women’s collective wisdom to make the world a better place.

What's inside

First, you'll find community. 

Other women, like you, who long to rediscover what lights them up. Who find themselves in "late adulthood" wondering who they are. 

Women who are determined to make the most of their one "wild and precious life" and create purposeful, fulfilling lives. Lives that reflect their values, embrace balance and contentment, and just maybe create a little change along the way.

In addition, as a member of this community you'll find:
  • Curated and crowd-sourced resources to support your healing and personal growth.
  • "Moonthly" (i.e. every new moon 😉) themes exploring issues relevant to women growing older.
  • Regular content like "Deep Thought Thursdays" and "Sacred Pause Sundays" that invite you into moments of pondering and reflection.
  • Free and premium programs to support your own midlife evolution.
  • Special events just for this community to encourage connection, learning, growing, and creative fun.
  • "First to know" access to everything happening at Midlife Evolution

Meet your host, Julie Henderson, MS

Hi! I'm Julie. It's my joy and privilege to guide women on their journey through the disorienting changes and challenges of midlife.

As a Transformational Depth Coach, I bring my superpowers of perceptive insight and genuine understanding to my work with women who are dismayed to find themselves in the prime of their lives feeling adrift and unhappy—and secretly worried that it might be too late to make meaningful change.

With a creative and multifaceted approach that honors head, heart, and the creative spirit, I help women transmute the confusion, pain, and fragmentation of midlife into a renewed sense of clarity, contentment, and vitality, so they can thrive in a life designed on purpose.

I created this community because there are few things I love more than hanging out with interesting, curious women, and I know the immense wisdom that is present when such women gather.

So come on in - I look forward to getting to know you!